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Adwords Management Services

PPC Management services that deliver affordable traffic and conversions to your website.

Our Adwords management services have been designed for businesses of all sizes and budgets. If you are running a business and need immediate traffic and exposure then our PPC Management services can deliver straight away. We all know that SEO and other website optimisation can take time, Google AdWords can start generating traffic and exposure to your website straight away. Our goal as an AdWords management company is to reduce your cost per click to a minimum while also providing a sufficient cost per conversion. 

Google Adwords Management Services

We provide you with the maximum exposure for your business through our highly targeted Adwords Management and PPC management services. Our AdWords Management Services includes; unlimited keywords, site links, location targeting, ad scheduling with  detailed reporting each month. 

AdWords Management Services Pricing

We try to keep our Adwords management services to an affordable price for all business owners. We know that advertising can be a large expense for any business however and all of our packages incur an extremely low on going management cost. Our ongoing charges are only 10% of your ad budget. For example, if you spending $500 per month in advertising then your monthly management fee would only be $50 per month.

As most of your PPC management and Adwords Management incur a large amount of work before actually beginning the campaign we do require a $250 set up cost to ensure that we can allocate one of our AdWords campaign managers to build you the best campaign possible. 

If you would like a customised landing page for a special promotion that you’re running then we charge $150 per landing page.

How can your business benefit from our Adwords Management Services?

It’s no lie that anyone and everyone can set up a Google Adwords campaign. However, what most people struggle with is knowing how to track conversions, what a suitable ad spend actually is and how to optimise your campaign to reduce your cost but increase your conversions. Our Adwords campaign managers can build you a highly targeted campaign that is designed to take all of the guess work out of your campaign. A highly targeted campaign can actually save you a large and costly expense in the future.