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poseidon pressure cleaning
poseidon pressure cleaning
poseidon pressure cleaning

Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville

Poseidon Pressure Cleaning is one of Townsville’s leading pressure cleaning businesses. Poseidon Pressure Cleaning is a locally owned and operated business that provides house washing, concrete and equipment cleaning for residential and commercial customers. 

Since signing up for our 10 keyword package, Poseidon Pressure Cleaning now ranks on the first page for every search query that includes “pressure cleaning Townsville“. Our package was created to provide the highest rankings around this specific keyword group for example:

Affordable pressure cleaning Townsville, Residential pressure cleaning Townsville, Commercial pressure cleaning Townsville and so on. 

Now that we have achieved a page one ranking for this group of keywords we are now optimising into other keyword groups that include “Concrete Cleaning” and “House Washing“. This will give Poseidon Pressure Cleaning the widest reach throughout their local area for any customers that may be searching for any services that they offer. Our packages are fully customisable which has allowed us to transition to additional keywords once we achieved a positive result for the initial keywords.


Jeremy The Handyman

Jeremy The Handyman is a handyman service operation based out of Arizona, United States. The locally based business was simply implementing an SEO campaign that targeted his service area around the Arizona region specifically. With a strong approach with location based keywords such as; Phoenix Handyman Services  we are able to capture a local audience who intend on hiring a local contractor to have work completed. Jeremy The Handyman is currently optimising over 20 location based keywords and in just a short amount of time has been able to achieve a page 2 ranking for most industry related keywords.


XOXO Roses

XOXO Roses is an online flower delivery company based in Sydney that specialises in provided flower arrangements for all occasions. The online flower industry is one of the most competitive industries on the market. When approached to start our SEO campaign we were challenged with exceptionally high ranking keywords that were getting over 100,000 clicks per month. 

Our approach to this SEO campaign was to continually achieve a large amount of backlinks each month to gain a higher authority online whilst also optimising the website with keyword rich product descriptions and pages. The initial campaign investment was for 20 keywords to be optimised per month. Since beginning our optimisation process we are now seeing an influx of flower related keywords being indexed on the site. The website has now been indexed for 122 different keywords within the first 10 pages of Google. As we continue to progress the campaign we will see a large number of these keywords move forward to pages 1,2 and 3. This is a prime example of how a successful SEO campaign can leverage mass quantities of traffic.

xoxo roses rankings

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