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Keyword research for beginners

Keyword research for beginners – The how to guide.

When developing your website do some keyword research before developing your website’s content. Your websites likelihood to succeed is 80% based on the keywords that you target and how your website ranks within the major search engines. As we have been within the SEO industry for quite some time we have learnt some valuable lessons on how to engage the keyword research for your business.

How to start your keyword research

The best approach that you can take when doing keyword research is to get to know your competition. When thinking about your business, what would you search to find your business? Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down as many search variations as you can. You will start to see that you will begin to include generic search phrases, specific search phrases and location based search phrases. Start to Google the keyword’s that you have written down and start to take note of the different keywords that Google will suggest for you.

These additional keywords will start to give you more keyword ideas and also show you how Google will determine the relevance of your website. Once you have a list of keywords written down, start to group them together based of the relevance (similar to the image above) for example:

  • Mechanic in Brisbane
  • Mobile mechanic in Brisbane
  • Brisbane logbook servicing
  • Brisbane mechanical repairs

This will allow you to maximise your keyword reach when you are starting to create your content. A lot of “SEO specialists” will tell you to stick to one keyword per page. However, we believe that this is not the best approach. Things like the website url and page titles will only be able to focus on one keyword but  Google  has adapted significantly and can determine the relevance of keywords quite easily.

Putting your keyword research into action

Now that you have your list of keywords grouped together (no more than 5 keywords per group) its time to start creating the content for your website around the keyword research that you have completed. A good way to structure your content is around the 5 keywords that have been grouped together. This allows your content to flow seamlessly without looking to spam like and will allow your webpage to get indexed for multiple keywords.

Not sure what keywords to use? View our free sources below:

If you’re not sure what keywords you should be using for your business then here are some free sources that you can use:


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