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Local SEO Tips – Ranking higher by using “near me” search terms

Local SEO tips to rank higher using the “near me” search phrase.

Local SEO campaigns are perfect for business owners that service general areas or have brick and mortar stores. In this article we are going to show you how you can take advantage of local search terms using the “near me” addition to your keywords. The “near me” search phrases is now showing us our smart Google can actually be. Google will take your location and search for certain businesses that are near your current location.

For example, if you were to search for accountants near me, Google will search your location for businesses that are local to your area.

What are the best businesses to target local SEO campaigns?

Almost any business can take advantage of a local SEO campaign. Typically any business that offers a service or has a business address can utilise these local SEO techniques. As long as you meet the Google My Business criteria, you can take advantage of these local search engine optimisation techniques.

How can local SEO campaigns change the way you do business?

SEO can be one of the hardest aspects of your digital marketing however, local SEO has an added advantage. Google will use your location as a preference instead of just showing companies that have invested countless hours into their SEO campaigns by targeting certain search terms. This is Google’s way of “giving us what we want”. Google will bypass other companies to ensure that it is always giving us the data that we are looking for. Years ago, if you were based in Sydney and targeted the keyword “florist near me” Google would show your business to searches in Melbourne, Brisbane and even Perth if someone searched for it. Now, the game has changed.

So how can you and your business start generating a local SEO campaign?

Most local business owners will always tell you that they rely on word of mouth referrals, advertising within their location or evening getting flyers and brochures delivered. These techniques can still be quite effective for a local business however, 80% of brick and mortar businesses don’t leverage the digital opportunities that they have available to them.



Register your business with Google

The first thing that every business should do is register with Google My Business and get the verification post card sent to your business location. Within the Google My Business dashboard it will allow you to set your business hours, days of trade, public holiday closures, your business number and also address but most importantly, the area around your business that you service. For example, if you are a mobile mechanic and service a 30km radius around Brisbane than you can notify Google of this quite easily.

Create content based on your location

Create landing pages on your business website that include local search terms, local address and local phone numbers. Google uses this data to verify the search results that it displays. This is typically used for a company that has multiple locations, national reach and so on. Google will always try and make sure that it is showing the most relevant results so that if it can verify your location on your website and the details provided to Google directly then there is a good chance that you will find yourself within the search results.

Register your business with local directories 

This goes hand in hand with the above information. Using another form of verification will ensure that your business is taking advantage of every avenue possible. Using business directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Zomato and any other industry referral websites. Ensure that your contact details like business name, address and phone number are all consistent throughout the business directories.


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