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SEO Basics | What to consider when developing a website

The SEO basics and why they should be used from day one.

When I develop a website most of the thought gets put into the design concept and the really simple SEO basics seem to get forgotten. A well designed website does not bring traffic to your website, a well designed website will keep people on your website longer. There is a big difference between the two. What are the SEO basics that I am talking about? They are simple things that anyone can do just by using a little forward thinking.

It all comes down to the content. Before I even start developing a website I start thinking about the content; searching or taking a bunch of images for my website, writing my sales pitch and gathering key data are all including in this process.

How do I use the SEO basics? Simple, read on and see my 5 basic SEO tips.

  1. Keyword Research

This can be sitting down and writing down what you would search for if you wanted to find your business on Google. If you are writing it down then there is a good chance other people will use the same search phrases. If you’re a little stuck or need some guidance there are two things I always use, the Google search prediction and Google Keyword Planner.

2. Implement your keyword into your content

This is where the SEO basics start to get forgotten, I usually pick two or three keywords per page and when I use my keywords they should be used in the heading, the start of your content and every hundred words without making it sound to spam like.

3. Renaming your image files

A lot of people do not know this but when you do, it makes sense. When your website is written in code – the image “name” is always written in the code. Google reads code, so if you called your image test1.jpeg then this is what Google thinks the image is.

4. Create Classified Ads

Remember when you wanted to find a business you would look through the phone book under a certain keyword or term? Since the digital age has come along people think that this is no longer used. Websites like Yellow Pages and True Local, still exist. Start sharing your website across search directory sites, this shows that Google can trust your website and if people are using these websites you can enjoy the extra clicks.

5. Do the 5 second test

When i have finished a website I like to share the end design around and ask people to tell me what the business does within 5 seconds of the page loading. You need to make it clear, whether it is images, text content, video or audio – people need to know exactly what you offer, immediately.

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