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Small business SEO | 10 tips to rank faster

These small business SEO tips are simple, cost effective and make a massive difference to how your page is ranked by Google.

A lot of small business owners assume that there is nothing left to do after getting a website for their business. They assume that now that  their site is online, a surge of traffic will start rushing towards their website. Most business owners don’t even consider hiring a small business seo professional. The fact is; that with new websites going live every minute Google has no idea that ones just been created or what its relevance is.

Try these small business SEO tips to start ranking your website straight away.

1. Include keywords in your page title

Most people will build their website and label the homepage as home, their services as services and so on. Use your page titles for specific keywords and relevance. For example, instead of include a services page filled with all different services you offer, create seperate pages, create content around those services and give them there own individual location.

2. Ensure every page has at least 500 words of content

This can be the most time consuming aspect of our small business seo tips. Ensuring each page has approximately 500 words will allow The major search engines to establish relevance. Keep your page content relevant to your specific service and try and incorporate at least one keyword per page.

3. Link your pages together

When it comes to small business seo tactics linking your pages together (outside of the menu bar) is crucial. It increases your click through rate and when hyperlinked with your keyword it points more relevance to the page your linking to and what it’s about.

4. Create clear call to actions

When I supply customers with my small business seo services the first thing I analyse is how easy is it for a customer to get what they want. Creating clear call to actions means customers don’t have to go digging through content to get what they want. For example if you view below, this shows a clear call to action that keeps users engaged with your website.

small business seo

5. Continually write new content for your website.

Every business owner should continue to upload fresh content to there website. Why? Because it forces Google to continually crawl your website and updating the new content to its search algorithms. This is what makes blogging so crucial to a small business seo campaign.
small business seo

6. Submit your website to the major search engines

Submitting your website to search engines is a simple one click and submit process. This makes it a simple and effective must-do for all small business seo campaigners that want great results. Submit your website to the search engines for free.

7. Create a Google My Business listing

Google allows everyone to claim their spot, think of it like booking your location at your local markets. Google keeps this relevant to local business owners as it physically sends you a verification code by mail. So  make sure your details are correct. You can add your Google My Business listing here.

8. Use directory listings

To really build a strong small business SEO campaign utilise directory websites to promote your business. Directory websites are a high quality back link that point straight back to your website. When submitting your free directory listing ensure that your website is included.

9. Don’t copy content from other sources

When you see another website on the first page of Google it’s hard not to think that this is the content that people want to see. Google’s algorithms automatically rank websites lower if content is duplicated. When implementing your small business SEO operations make sure your content is unique.

10. Never assume your website is “finished”

A website is a commitment, just like small business SEO campaigns. Continue building your website, updating content and giving your customers what they want.


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